November 1, 2015

September 25, 2015

Gangaa peak - Хархираа Түргэний уулс

ОУХМ, МУГТ Б.Гангаамаа
Монгол Алтайн нурууны салбар Хархираа Түргэний уулсын Gangaa peak оргилд 2015 оны 6-р 29-ны 10.40-д Монголиа Экспедишнс компаний уулчид амжилттай авирлаа. Түргэний уулсын Gangaa peak-т урьд хүн авирч байгаагүй оргил юм. Оргил нь далайн түвшнээс дээш 3,940m 49041’30.9366” N 91023’55.9320” E солибцолд оршино. Энэ нь Хархираагийн голын эх нутгийнханы нэрээр Тахилт уулсын эхэнд оршино. Тус багийн бүрэлдэхүүн Гонгконгийн дөрвөн уулчид багтсан уулчдын багийг ОУХМ, МУГТ Б.Гангаамаа ахалж авирлаа. Энэ авиралтын тухай дэлгэрэнгүйг энд дарж уншаарай.

Гонгконгийн уулчдын баг

September 24, 2015

Climbing Report of an unclimbed peak in Turgen Massive Uvs Aimag, Mongolia.

By Chu, Tsan Lun (Alain),  Hong Kong.

After summiting Kharkhiraa II in 2012, I spotted a beautiful and remote peak in northern side of Kharkhiraa massive. I determined to climb this peak in 2015. After a thorough research on Google satellite map, and a detailed discussion with Batbayar. A, Aldarkhishig. S from Mongolia Expeditions and our climbing guide Gangaamaa Badamgarav, I launched an expedition in 2015 to explore the remote valley and this new peak. I recruited three Hong Kong climbers and planed to climb Kharkhiraa II first before heading to this unexplored valley.

January 4, 2015

"Silver Winter" Ice Biking Tour in Mongolia

Ice Biking in Mongolia
Mongolia Expedition LLC organize Silver Winter Biking tour on weekends. 
Mongolian winter not the time to stay indoors – join us on the exciting Silver Winter biking tour on weekends!
Adventure tour operator Mongolia Expeditions are announcing the second departure of their “Silver Winter” biking trip of the winter on Saturday, 17 January.

Tour brief itinerary:
  • 10.00a.m Group will meet at Tower B of Bayangol Hotel.
  • 10.10a.m Departure to the tour starting point. As soon as reach the point we will assemble the bikes and get ready to start the tour. Before start, an experienced biker will give instructions on how to bike on snowy and icy surface. 
  • 11.00am Start biking!
  • 1.30pm Have packed lunch on the way.
  • 2.30pm Continue biking!
  • 4.30pm Return transfer to Ulaanbaatar,arrive at Bayangol Hotel. End of the tour.
Time: 10.00am-5.00pm

Price: 68000 MNT per person. (Group size 9-12pax)

Included services: GIANT mountain bike, transport, picnic lunch, guide, biking guide and mechanic.

What to bring: Warm clothes, a hat, gloves, and a scarf, sunglasses, sun cream and a small backpack to contain your belongings.

Contact Mongolia Expeditions
Phone/fax: +976-11-329279
Mobile: +976-99086929 or +976-99096911
Skype ID: mongolia.expeditions (online between 9AM-6PM GMT+8)